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Pilates is different from traditional types of exercise, the technique is very much a remedial exercises to aid recovery and rehabilitation from a multitude of injuries, such as back pain and surgery.

Pilates is safe and effective system designed to strengthen the body in a balanced way by specifically targeting and improving the function of weaker muscle groups.
It emphasizes techniques for strengthening the muscles of the trunk (core stability) to support the spine and thereby improve posture and shape.

Pilates helps you to ensure that no particular muscle group is overworked and in doing so further help your posture, limits fatigue and muscle soreness.

Pilates is beneficial for many musculoskeletal disorders particularly back, shoulder, neck, hip and knee problems. Lots of attention is paid to joint alignment to ensure that the least amount of stress is places on supporting muscles and ligaments.

With regular practice of Pilates you will become more body aware and will begin to bring its principles of core control, alignment and coordination into your daily life.
Pilates demands intense focus "you have to concentrate on what you're doing all the time and you must concentrate on your entire body for smooth movement"

Benefits of Pilates

  • Can restore flexibility and joint mobility
  • Can improve balance, coordination, alignment and body awareness
  • Can help eliminate bad postural habits
  • Increase bone density
  • Strengthen Core stability
  • Reduces tension and stress on joints
  • Can help to prevent injuries and aid rehabilitation
  • Can allow the body to function more efficiently
  • Promotes calm , well being , enhances your mood and cognitive improvement.

Pilates is useful for

  • Chronic back pain suffers
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • First time exercises
  • The elderly
  • Those wishing to help prevent or alleviate osteoporsis
  • Sport people and dancers
  • MS, Parkonson disease

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