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Alison Lowe

Welcome to Serenity Counselling & Hypnotherapy Ltd.

The hardest step for anyone who needs help for depression, bereavement, low self esteem, illness or perhaps relationship problems, (the list is extensive),is picking up the phone and taking the first step to see help.

When you do, you will realise that it is on of the most important decisions you will ever make for yourself.

As an experienced counsellor I can help you to clear your head of negative thoughts and recharge your batteries so you are ready to face life challenges. As an experienced hypnotherapist I can help you with a whole plethora of problems ranging from weightloss, phobias, smoking cesation, exam nerves, habits (e.g nailbiting), fear of the dentist.

Please contact me for further information:

07525946444 or I look forward to hearing from you Alison.

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